Black youth organizers rally at City Hall to push #RememberRekia Campaign, Demand #DontPayDante and #SaveCSU

Black youth organizers rally at City Hall to push #RememberRekia Campaign      Demand #DontPayDante and #SaveCSU

Joan Fadayiro

Today, on Wednesday April 20, 2016 at 4:15pm, organizers from Black Youth Project 100, Assata’s Daughters, Black Lives Matter: Chicago and Fearless Leading by the Youth will hold a rally on the 5th floor of the City of Chicago’s City Hall to demand the firing of police officer Dante Servin without a pension, and the immediate allocation of funds to save Chicago State University.

For years, a broad coalition of organizations from across Chicago has demanded justice for Rekia Boyd, who was murdered by police officer Dante Servin in March 2012. In just a matter of days, Chicago State University, which predominantly serves Black women, will be forced to close its doors due to a state budget impasse.

“We see these struggles as intrinsically connected;” says Joan Fadayiro, organizer with BYP 100, “the City of Chicago and the state of Illinois are proving that they do not value Black lives: police officers are enabled to kill black women with impunity while Black community assets such as Chicago State University are divested from.”

Mayor Rah Emanuel, Police Board Chair Lori Lightfoot, the Independent Police Review Authority, and the Fraternal Order of Police are each complicit in denying justice for Rekia Boyd and they must be held accountable. Governor Rauner must be held accountable for pushing austerity cuts that disproportionately affect black people.

“It is unconscionable that taxpayer dollars pay for Dante Servin’s employment at CPD, while black community resources are being hallowed out,” says Veronica Morris-Moore, organizer with Fearless Leading by the Youth.

Black youth organizations will continue working together in a coalition called The Collective to demand justice for Rekia Boyd. It is because we honor Rekia and all Black women and girls that we demand #DontPayDante and #SaveCSU.


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