In honor of Rekia Boyd, we demand #DontPayDante #SaveCSU




One year ago, Dante Servin was found not guilty of murdering Rekia Boyd due to a technicality. We are angry. We are righteous. We are fed up. And we remember.

We remember Rekia. We remember her life and her right to live it. We remember how she was taken from her friends and family. We remember how she was left to bleed out in an alley for 30 minutes. We remember that her killer was an off-duty cop, sworn to protect but chose to shoot into a crowd of unarmed teenagers. We remember that the city, has spent the last 4 years protecting that officer from being held accountable. We remember each and every day her family has to fight another day. We remember all the Black women who suffer at the hands of a state.

While Dante Servin is getting paid, and CPD is receiving $4 million a day, Chicago State University–the state’s only predominantly Black public university is closing due to budget cuts. The city and the state overinvest in policing and refuse to invest in our communities. CSU is a staple in our community. The University provides a library in the area, is the meeting site for community organizations and provides a safe space for young people.

And so, we are announcing a new collective campaign between Assata’s Daughters, Black Lives Matter Chicago, BYP 100, and the fierce femmes of Fearless Leading by the Youth (F.L.Y) in Rekia’s memory. We demand that Servin be fired WITHOUT his pension. We demand that the state funds CSU and CSU remains open. This city has paid far too much already to protect the racist cops who occupy and terrorize our communities and yet has refused to invest in our communities. ‪#‎RememberRekia‬‪#‎SaveCSU‬ ‪#‎DontPayDante‬ ‪#‎Justice4Akai‬